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Post: 8 Effective Tips For A Dust-Free Home

8 Effective Tips For A Dust-Free Home

8 Effective Tips For A Dust-Free Home

Dust, the uninvited guest in every home, can seem like an unstoppable force, wreaking havoc on both cleanliness and indoor air quality. While regular cleanings are crucial, it’s equally important to address the root cause of dust accumulation. Luckily, trusted home cleaning providers have gathered an arsenal of clever tricks and tips to help you achieve a dust-free haven. 

In this article, we’ll unveil eight effective strategies that will banish that pesky dust buildup, leaving your house looking pristine and ensuring a healthier living environment.

1. Clean the curtains too!

Most people clean windows but tend to forget the curtains themselves. It doesn’t matter if they’re fabric or made of something else; the dust gets layered on them and stays around while you relax in the living room. Give them a good shake!

2. Groom your pets

If you own a cute puppy or kitty, grooming them is crucial to prevent indoor dust. Pet dander and hair become dust too. However, brushing your pet reduces the hair and dander they shed. Also, if they play outside, wipe their paws before letting them in.

3. Wipe down appliances and electronics carefully!

If you wall-mounted your TV or own several devices and appliances such as fans, that is a big target for dust. Right behind the screen, you could even have cobwebs. Check fans and everything that contains filters. These are things you use every day; keep them dust-free!

4. Open your windows to let airflow

Having your windows open all day is a bad idea when it comes to dust. However, there are times when a little air circulation can prevent buildup. It won’t completely fix the issue, but it’ll renew the air in your house. Remember, it’s not just about dust; it’s about having cleaner air.

5. Bring the slippers!

When you come back from work, a meeting, or doing groceries, it’s very likely you just stormed in because you wanted to call it a day. However, you may not realize you didn’t take off your shoes—and brought some dirty soles back home.

The grime and dirt from the outside world will enter your home! However, it can be easily turned around by simply leaving your shoes at the door and putting on some comfy slippers!

6. Keep your sofa minimal

A nice rug and throw pillows can bring life to your living room, but you need to know when it’s too much. Too many fabrics and textiles on your sofa will gather more dust and become a hassle while cleaning.  Be sure to keep it simple but eye-pleasing!

7. The carpets have to go

It can be a hard goodbye, but that carpeted floor must go. Not only is it a nest for dust and dirt, but it’s also stubborn and hard to keep clean. Besides, once your carpet gets stained, it could stay that way forever.

8. Stop spreading dust around!

When it’s cleaning time, the last thing you should do is smack the surfaces with the duster. Get a damp cloth or a dust grabber for better results if you’re going to clean dusty surfaces.

Now you know how to fight that dreadful dust. However, if it still looks like a tall order, you can rely on CleanArte Maid services! We offer a wide variety of services to cover your particular cleaning needs! Ask for your quote now!

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