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Post: How Often You Need To Vacuum Your Home

How Often You Need To Vacuum Your Home

Dusting off your place isn’t the hardest thing, but if you want to tackle it like a pro and save some time, you need a bit of know-how. Like, how often should you roll out the vacuum? Does every nook and cranny demand the same level of attention?

Although there’s no single answer for all houses, you won’t need to scratch your head trying to figure it out solo! Below, we’ve got the lowdown on what could impact your vacuuming routine so you can tailor one that suits you just right.

How frequently should you vacuum your floors?

Not all floors are the same, so depending on what type of floor you have, you’ll need to vacuum it more or less often. Let’s dive into the basics:

  • Hard flooring (like vinyl and tile). For hard flooring, a weekly vacuum session with the suction power cranked up does the trick. Got grout? Hit it with a quick sweep before vacuuming to kick the dirt to the curb.
  • Hardwood. Finished wood is slick and only needs weekly vacuuming to keep the dust at bay. If you’ve got unfinished wood, kick it up a notch twice a week, following the grain for maximum dust snatching.
  • Carpeted. These areas are dust magnets, especially those with lush, high-pile carpets. So, aim for thrice-weekly vacuuming. Low-traffic zones or low-pile setups? Twice a week should do the trick.

Vacuum your mattresses and upholstery, too!

Even with covers, your mattresses and upholstery crave a little vacuum love. Your mattress needs a twice-a-year session, ideally during spring cleaning and in October (when dust mite season ends).

Now, when it comes to upholstered furniture, it’s a bit different. Monthly vacuum sessions for the pieces that don’t get much contact or aren’t handled often, like headboards. But your everyday couch and cushions? They’re going to need a weekly vacuum to stay in tip-top shape.

Vacuuming when you have pets

If pets, especially indoor ones, are part of your household, you’re likely to encounter their hair everywhere. In the constant battle against pet hair, a swift daily vacuum is your secret weapon.

Running short on time? No worries! A thorough vacuuming two or three times a week will help keep things under control, tailoring it to your pet’s shedding tendencies.

The ceilings and walls also deserve attention!

Ceilings and walls may not be the usual suspects for a vacuuming session, but they need some vacuuming occasionally to stay completely dust-free.

No need to tackle the whole ceilings to keep them clean. Focus on the dusty nooks, sneaky cobwebs, and spots behind frames. Schedule these vacuuming sessions on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on how dusty your living space tends to get.

Keep your house dust-free with CleanArte Maid Services!

Although crucial, vacuuming is only one item in the long list of chores to keep your home spotless. Besides vacuuming, we’ll clean all the rooms in your home from top to bottom so you can relax in a healthy and dust-free home. Ask for a free quote here!

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