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House Cleaning Services in Houston, TX
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House Cleaning Services in Houston, TX
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House Cleaning Services in Houston, TX
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House Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

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The owner, Miguel A Toledo, began his career in the cleaning services industry over 15 years ago while working with high-end hotels. He amassed many certificates and training over those years and eventually decided to go on his own. He brings all this knowledge and experience with him and even more. Our team and founder, come with a bucket of experience to give you the healthy and sparklingly clean home you deserve. 

CleanArte subscribes to the world renowned Jeff Campbell’s System that over 12,000 cleaning companies currently utilize in today’s ever changing cleaning environment. Our employees receive on-the-job training after participating in a series of videos and training conducted by Miguel and his Management Team. If you’re searching for house cleaning services in Houston, TX, we’re your best bet. 

Together with Miguel’s expertise and training, our cleaning service professionals are experts in speedy and thorough cleaning techniques. Because of this, we differentiate ourselves in the market by simply paying attention to all those minor details so many other cleaning companies miss. With over 100 reviews out there on the web, the resounding assurance is that you will receive the best cleaning possible for a reasonable price.

Our Quality House Cleaning Services in Houston

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As the leading house cleaning company in Houston, CleanArte is dedicated to providing the highest quality cleaning services at an unbeatable price. We offer a complete selection of both commercial and residential cleaning services all throughout Houston, including customizable packages to fit different customer needs. Whether you’re in need of a recurring maid service or just looking for a quick one-time clean for your home, our professional Houston maids will leave your home sparkling like new.

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With a deep experience that extends to 15 years in house cleaning, CleanArte stands out as one of the top house cleaning companies in Houston, Texas. Our cleaning services are provided to you by our well trained professional Houston maids who are honest and friendly so you can enjoy your valuable time with your family.

  • You can expect the highest quality of cleaning in Houston
  • The Art of Cleaning is a skill our maids have mastered
  • You can count on us taking care of those details that the franchises always miss
  • Your home will look like a 5-star hotel, including how the beds are made
  • Your Houston home will get our full personal attention
  • Our cleaning company is bonded and insured for your safety
  • You can expect to be treated like family
  • You will see how our professionally trained maids use the most innovative techniques in the industry to clean efficiently and effectively
  • Have a look at our reviews and you will find that we deliver the results no other maid service in Houston can deliver
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As a well vetted house cleaning company in Houston, we deliver a healthy and sparklingly clean home to you at all occasions. We utilize ecofriendly cleaning products in our cleaning processes so that you’re not affected by any chemical hazards arising from giving your home a new clean look. Get in touch with us to book an appointment below!


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Best Quality


Fast Service


Low Cost Cleaning

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Unique Methods


Best Equipment


Professional Cleaning


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CleanArte Maid Services offers a variety of cleaning options to create a customized cleaning for each and every home or office we clean..


Frequently Asked Questions

CleanArte Maid Services calculates your service’s cost depending on the size and condition of your home, on top of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. If you need a precise estimate, you can request your quote on our homepage.

Our home cleaning services go from regular house cleaning to top-to-bottom deep cleaning. Besides, we offer office cleaning services and other specialized packages for your home, like our move-out cleaning, make-ready for sale cleaning, and a range of organizing services.

If you are interested in booking your cleaning service or want more information, you can fill in our quote form or contact form, and we’ll reach out to you. Also, you can give us a call or send us a text at 713-444-3731!

A standard house cleaning service typically includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wiping down surfaces, cleaning bathrooms, and kitchen cleaning. Additional services, such as deep cleaning, may be added for an additional fee. Dusting includes cleaning and wiping down surfaces like shelves, picture frames, and baseboards. Vacuuming includes carpets, rugs, and furniture. Mopping is typically done on hard floors, like tile, wood, or laminate. Bathroom cleaning includes scrubbing toilets, cleaning sinks, and showers. Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning countertops, sinks, stovetops, and the exterior of appliances.

To prepare for a house cleaning service, it is best to declutter the areas that need to be cleaned and put away any valuable or fragile items. It is also helpful to communicate any specific cleaning requests or areas of concern with the cleaning company beforehand. This can include areas of the home that need extra attention, like pet areas or high-traffic areas.

Yes, house cleaning companies offer customizable cleaning schedules based on the client’s needs and preferences. You can request a one-time cleaning, regular weekly/bi-weekly/monthly cleaning, or a more infrequent cleaning schedule. It is important to communicate your needs and preferences to the cleaning company to ensure that they can provide the service you require.

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