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House Cleaning Services In Katy, TX

At CleanArte Maid Services, we proudly provide quality house cleaning services in Katy, TX. We offer various cleaning packages you can personalize to cover all your home’s needs, from regular cleaning to top-to-bottom cleaning and many more specialized services.

Our insured cleaners always use the most effective cleaning techniques to make sure your home is spotless in a short time—they work fast and deliver the best quality. What are you waiting for? Top-notch cleaning is just a call away!

Things To Do In Katy, TX

Katy is a thriving city in the western part of the Greater Houston metropolitan area. First settled in the mid-1890s and known for its rice farming, Katy is now the perfect place to raise a family, with many recreation opportunities.

Katy Heritage Park can’t be missing from the places you visit! You can take a picture at the “You’ll Love Katy” mural and explore Katy’s heritage in the many historical buildings there. You can also visit downtown Katy for the historic Katy shops and antiques, where you can browse the collections, or, at KT Antiques, you can spend some time at the nostalgic soda fountain.

If you’re trying to escape the Texas heat, the Katy Mills Mall is the place to go! At this refurbished mall, you can find over 165 stores, restaurants, and recreational amenities for all your family.

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Our Cleaning Services

Our experts at CleanArte Maid Services can help you with all your cleaning chores! You will surely find a cleaning package that works for you, whether you need recurring cleaning, top-to-bottom cleaning, office cleaning, or more specialized services such as post-construction cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, or organizing services.

Katy, TX House Cleaning Done Right

The skilled and detail-oriented professionals at CleanArte Maid Services are always happy to deliver the premier cleaning service you deserve. We always use top-of-the-line tools and cleaning techniques to ensure the best results.

You can trust our cleaners to handle every chore expertly, no matter how small (like sweeping or dusting) or how detailed (like removing cobwebs and organizing). Check out our complete cleaning checklist, and let us give you the quality cleaning you deserve!


CleanArte is proud to offer high-quality cleaning services in Houston, Texas. Our cleaning services are provided to you by our trained professional Houston maids who are honest and friendly so you can enjoy your valuable time with your family.

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Why Choose Our House Cleaning Services?

CleanArte Maid Services always use the best cleaning methods and tools to ensure every corner of your home is cared for! With our help, cleaning your house is only a matter of booking your service—it’s easy and low-cost!


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Recurring Cleaning Services In Katy, TX

No matter how much free time you have, cleaning an entire house can take more than you’re willing to spare. Luckily, CleanArte Maid Services can help you take care of your chores with the best recurring cleaning services you’ll find in Katy, TX.

Our cleanings can be personalized to fit your home’s needs, and you can schedule them as often as you need, like weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Get in contact with us to request your quote!

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Our Projects

Are you looking to get a better idea of what to expect? There’s nothing clearer than a picture! Check out our latest projects here.


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With CleanArte Maid Services, you won’t have to worry about cleaning anymore! Booking our services is easy and cost-effective—your quality cleaning is only a few clicks away.

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