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Post: 7 Effective Tips To Teach Your Child To Clean Their Room

7 Effective Tips To Teach Your Child To Clean Their Room

Teaching your children to do their cleaning is an essential step towards becoming more responsible, and the best place to start is their room.

However, getting from deciding your kids should clean their bedrooms to them doing it is never so simple. Luckily, we have some tips to help make this new chore easier for everybody!

Tip #1. Don’t make cleaning a punishment

For starters, it’s crucial to establish that doing chores is not a form of punishing your children. Otherwise, you will only make your kids see cleaning as bad, making your mission more challenging. 

So, when presenting the idea to your kids, always make sure that you explain cleaning as something beneficial for them instead of a consequence for something they did wrong.

Tip #2. Ease your kids into the chores

This may not be the first time you think about having your kids do their cleaning. However, unless you’ve already talked about it with them, it will definitely come as a surprise (not a good one) if you’re too sudden.

To make this less of a nasty surprise for your kids, start by letting them know beforehand and, if possible, have them begin with smaller tasks. Add to their chores gradually until they finally clean the entire room.

Tip #3. Help with the clean-up at the start

Chores are always easier when you have help, so why not start easy on your kids by giving them an extra hand? If you lead by example, cleaning won’t seem like such a terrible thing to them.

You only need to help a little at the beginning for some extra motivation, and eventually, they’ll do everything independently!

Tip #4. Keep the cleaning consistent

Children can benefit from including chores directly in their routines. This way, they will know what to expect and learn to work around their hobbies or other responsibilities. Plus, this is a great way to keep their rooms clean over time instead of just once or only when asked!

Tip #5. Give your kids age-appropriate tasks

Children of different ages can do certain things easily, while others will have a hard time. When choosing the chores for your kids, decide which tasks are best for them depending on the spaces they can reach, the things they can carry, and so on.

Tip #6. Give your kids incentives

Keeping your kids motivated is the best way to have them clean their room without too much fuss. A way to do this is to give them incentives! It can be as simple as giving young kids a sticker, a snack, or more TV time for older children.  

Tip #7. Make cleaning a game

Another way to make your children interested in cleaning is turning the chores into games—especially if they’re younger kids! If you can’t come up with a fun way to do this, check out these ten ways to transform chores into games for inspiration.

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If teaching your children how to clean is not the only thing you struggle with, CleanArte Maid Services can give you even more tips to deal with the rest of your household chores!

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