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Post: 5 Ways You Can Keep Your Stainless Steel Clean And Shiny

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Stainless Steel Clean And Shiny

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Stainless Steel Clean And Shiny

When it comes to durability and aesthetics, stainless steel has proven to be a reliable choice for tools and appliances throughout history. Its timeless appeal and exceptional resistance make it a popular material found in numerous kitchen essentials. However, maintaining the toughness and shine of stainless steel requires dedicated care. In this article, our detail-oriented cleaning staff shares five invaluable tips to effortlessly banish grime, grease, and even rust, ensuring that these sleek surfaces retain their lustrous charm for years to come.

1.- Sometimes, warm water is all you need

Water is enough when stainless steel is not that dirty. Use warm water and wipe your appliances with a clean microfiber cloth. 

If you want to make the task easier and avoid scratching the stainless steel, look closely at the surface; you’ll notice the direction of the grain. Just follow it while making your cleaning motions.

2.- Water is not enough? Bring the soap!

If the grime gets tough to deal with, you can always add a little dish soap to the warm water. If there’s too much grease or oil buildup, two tablespoons of dish soap might do the trick.

3.- Use club soda for food residue

Another way to clean your stainless steel appliances is to pour some club soda on those few spots with food stains and grease buildup. Club soda is basically carbonated water, and it’ll help dissolve all that residue. Scrub it off and use the microfiber cloth for the finishing touch.

4.- What happens if I run into rust?

If you find some rust on your steel appliances, don’t be afraid; white vinegar or baking soda will save the day. Scrub some baking soda paste on the affected areas or straight up soak them on white vinegar. You may need a strong brush if the rust gets difficult. 

5.- Check the toolbox for WD-40

Anti-corrosion lubes, such as WD-40, work surprisingly well when handling stainless steel appliances. Add just a little bit on surfaces for a sparkling shine and protection against fingerprints. You may have a can stored in your house.

Important note: be careful when using this product! Since it’s made of petroleum, it might leave a residue if used in excess. Avoid using it on surfaces where you’ll handle the food! Remember, once you’re done, be sure to dry or remove excess solution from your steel appliances.

And here you have them! Five tips for cleaning your stainless steel sink, kitchen, and cookware. Once you know how to clean your stainless steel appliances, your kitchen will always look top-notch.

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