Post: Smart Strategies: How To Get Motivated To Clean

Smart Strategies: How To Get Motivated To Clean

Smart Strategies How To Get Motivated To Clean

Let’s face it: we’ve all been tempted to skip those dreaded cleaning chores at some point. Cleaning is hardly anyone’s idea of a fun time, yet it remains essential for maintaining a healthy and happy home. But here’s the good news: you can discover effective ways to get motivated to clean! In this article, we’ll explore seven simple hacks that will help you get into a cleaning mood, all while keeping your cleaning practices eco-friendly house cleaning.

Do I have a “cleaner’s block?”

Just like a writer who can’t write for the moment (writer’s block), sometimes, homeowners just don’t feel like cleaning: maybe they prefer to do something more or spend their free time relaxing. The following simple hacks work because they can change your mindset as you approach your household work.

However, when we speak about motivation, we need to address the mental health issues behind lack of motivation. Sometimes, a messy home is a sign of stress, anxiety, or other serious issues. If you feel this might be your case, looking for the right help is the priority.

How to get motivated to clean

As we mentioned, following these strategies can help you start cleaning when you lack motivation. Every strategy works differently: some make the chore more enjoyable, while others focus on your concentration.

Everyone finds their cleaning motivation differently. Try these hacks until one works for you!

1. Use a 15-minute timer

Focus on tackling a chore until the timer goes off. Many homeowners have used these devices before—mostly to avoid charring their meals! However, as simple as a timer might seem, it is also a powerful tool to boost productivity and motivation towards a specific task.

Why do they work? One of the reasons people procrastinate is because a goal is too abstract. For example: cleaning my house. Framing your task in a specific period of time will give you a far more concrete goal. For example: cleaning my house for 20 minutes!

Pro tip:

Using your smartphone as a timer can be counterproductive. Check the details in our 3rd hack!

2. Tackle the cutter first

As we mentioned before, a messy room can reflect the homeowner’s psychology. Although sometimes the messiness is a consequence of mental health issues, it also works the other way around. That is, clutter can cause stress.

Also, did you know that a tidy and clutter-free home is easier to clean? Maybe you need to start by decluttering your home!

3. Keep away from devices

Doing your cleaning chores as you read your friend’s recent posts or respond to messages may not seem like a big deal. However, electronic devices like smartphones can make you lose focus and cleaning motivation.

Why does it happen? A Kaspersky study found interesting facts about how smartphones can lower productivity during a task, acting as a distraction.

Losing focus while cleaning your home can make any chore last longer—and your efficiency will drop too! If this becomes a habit, carrying out the simplest of chores could become a daunting task.

Store your smartphone to focus on the chore!

4. Clean to the beat!

Pumping up the volume is a well-known trick to get into a cleaning mood. In fact, most homeowners already do it. However, if you regularly clean in silence, playing your favorite music is the trick to motivate yourself into cleaning!

Pro tip:

Choose upbeat music!

5. Reward yourself after doing a small chore

Even if it comes from yourself, a small reward after cleaning can work as positive reinforcement. After the pleasant outcome of your cleaning chore, you are more likely to repeat it. It’s a simple but effective way to motivate yourself.

What can work as a reward? A reward could be internal or external. Internal rewards are your emotions and experiences that come after finishing the chore, like enjoying a neat home. They work better in the long run!

However, when you lack the motivation to start household chores, external rewards can get you into a cleaning mood more easily. Some examples of external rewards are shopping in your favorite Houston mall, watching a TV show, or pouring yourself a glass of wine! Treat yourself after a well-done job!

6. Share your achievements!

Are you a social network enthusiast? Try out a “before-after” picture or a short video bragging about your cleaning achievements!

Positive feedback can drive us into a chore that otherwise we might want to skip. This is the reason why social networks like Facebook and Instagram are powerful motivation tools. However, sharing your progress with friends and family works too!

7. Hire professional cleaners in Houston

Many people may feel guilty about not keeping their homes as clean and neat as they want. However, the truth is that you don’t need to always be in a cleaning mood! If hiring professionals to clean your house can give you a clean environment, there’s nothing to feel ashamed of!

Our clients are people like you: with jobs, busy lives, and the need for a clean home! Let Clean Arte Maid Services help you with your chores. We deliver the best quality cleaning services at a low cost to Houston homeowners.

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