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Post: How To Clean Microfiber Cloths Without Damaging Them

How To Clean Microfiber Cloths Without Damaging Them

Microfiber cloths are a game-changer in the world of cleaning. With their superior durability, these specialized fabrics outlast traditional ones. However, they require delicate care during washing to avoid potential damage. 

Housekeeping professionals, who rely on microfiber cloths daily, have honed the art of cleaning them without compromising their quality. In this article, we’ll share their expert insights and easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring that you can safely clean your microfiber cloths while maintaining their effectiveness and longevity.

The easy way to wash microfiber cloths: washing machine

Maybe everything went wrong the last time you threw your microfiber cloths in the washing machine. Well, you can stop worrying! Follow this method, and your cloths will be clean and ready for the next task.

Step #1 Separate the cloths

Microfiber cloths need a different treatment from other fabrics, and shoving your cloths mixed with your regular laundry load plays a big role in damaging them. So, separate the cloths from the rest of your laundry first. Otherwise, they will catch the lint and fluff from other fabrics.

Step #2 Pre-treat the stains

Shake the cloths over a trash can to get rid of the loose crumbs and dirt, and check to see if they have dry stains that seem to go deep in the fabric; if they do, pour laundry detergent directly on the stained spots.

Applying detergent will help loosen up the stuck-on grime, and the stains will come off easier during the washing cycle.

Step #3 Prepare the laundry load

For this type of fabric, you need to use less detergent—about half of the amount you would use for a load of similar size—so it doesn’t clog the spaces between the fibers. Also, remember only to use laundry detergent, don’t use bleach or softener to avoid damaging the microfiber.

Once that’s done, you can select the water temperature for the washing cycle. If your cloths are very messy, choose warm water, but you can wash them with cold water if they’re not too soiled. 

Now, you can shove your cloths in the washing machine and let it do the work! 

Step #4 Air dry the microfiber cloths

Leave your microfiber cloths to air dry—don’t worry, this fabric doesn’t take too long to dry. However, you should know that microfiber and extreme heat don’t get along well. So, if you are using a dryer machine, don’t raise the temperature, as it could melt the fabric’s plastic fibers.

An alternative to the washing machine: hand washing

Not everyone can use a washing machine or wants to do a whole load just to clean microfiber cloths. If this is your case, just follow the steps below to hand wash your cloths.

Step #1 Prepare the cloths and soapy water

Shake off the dirt from the cloths over a trash can to make the washing process more manageable.

Then, set up a bowl of soapy water—you can use warm water for filthy cloths or cold water if they’re not too stained— and let the cloths soak in the bowl for 15 minutes.

Step #2 Wash the cloths

Once the time has passed, rub the cloths together over the stains to get rid of the grime. Leave them soaking for 15 more minutes and rub them again.

When the cloths look neat and spotless, rinse them with clean cold water.

Step #3 Wring out and air dry

All that’s left to do is wring them and leave them out to dry on a clothesline or rack. If you want to put the clothes in the dryer, just don’t set it to high heat to avoid the plastic fibers getting ruined!

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