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Post: How To Clean Blinds (Even Without Taking Them Off)

How To Clean Blinds (Even Without Taking Them Off)

Some homeowners prefer blinds to better control the light entering their homes. Plus, these window coverings can enhance the look of your home, on top of adding privacy. 

However, dirty blinds stick out like a sore thumb, making the room less appealing. Don’t let it happen! Here are two methods to return your blinds to be an attractive part of your home.

Pro tip: don’t use sticky products

Before you start cleaning, let’s get something out of the way: don’t use sticky products for cleaning your blinds. Many commercial cleaners can leave sticky residue on your blinds, which makes them prone to get even grimier and dustier.

So, it’s better to stick with classics like vinegar or dish soap when it comes to blinds.

The easy method: How to clean your blinds without taking them down

This method is for you if you’re looking for an easy and quick way to clean your blinds. You won’t even have to take the blinds off! 

Step 1. Dust or vacuum your blinds

If you won’t be removing your blinds, cleaning them is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is open the blinds, grab a microfiber cloth or a vacuum with a brush attachment, and run them from left to right if your blinds are horizontal or top to bottom if they’re vertical. 

Closed blinds can also be cleaned, but having them open gives you access to the full slat.

Step 2. Wipe the blinds

If your blinds remain dirty or stained after a simple dusting, you can wipe them with a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth.

Blinds are made from different materials, the most common being wood, plastic, or metal. It’s important to know what type of blinds you have to see the solution you can use. 

If your blinds are made of plastic or metal, mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the slats. Then, wipe each slat with the cloth from side to side or top to bottom. The vinegar’s acidity allows it to break down stains and grime without leaving residue, making this an excellent cleaning solution for blinds.

For wood blinds: 

Since vinegar is a little corrosive regarding wooden blinds, it is best to use soapy water. Spray the solution on the blinds without getting the slats too wet. Then, wipe each slat from side to side or top to bottom, depending on the orientation of your window coverings. 

Dish soap is a gentler cleaner than vinegar, so it won’t damage the wood. The only downside is that you’ll need to rinse with a slightly damp cloth if the blinds remain sticky.

Step 3. Dry the blinds

After wiping the blinds with a cleaning solution, dry them with a microfiber cloth. Drying them will be the final step to leaving your blinds as shiny and good-looking as the views they cover!

The thorough method: How to leave your blinds completely spotless

If you want to ensure that your blinds are completely spotless, simply cleaning them where they are will not do. So, for a more thorough cleaning, follow these steps:

Step 1. Take off the blinds

The first thing you need to do is take off the blinds so you can clean them properly. Depending on the type of blinds you have, taking them off can be slightly different. 

Here’s a small guide to remove the most common ones if you need a little help: 3 ways to remove blinds.

Step 2. Soak the blinds

Place the blinds in a bathtub filled with warm water and a few squirts of dish soap. Then, add a cup of baking soda—this powder is a natural stain remover, so it’s an excellent product for your blinds, especially when mixed with the degreasing agents in the soap.

Leave the blinds soaking for 20 minutes to an hour (depending on how grimy they are).

Warning: Some blinds don’t get along with so much water. So, in this step, it’s important that you check the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Step 3. Rinse and dry

Once the time has passed, empty the tub and take out the blinds. Then, rinse them with warm water and wipe away the excess moisture with a dry microfiber cloth.

Now, your blinds are clean and ready to return to your windows!

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