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Post: Forget About Scrubbing! 5 Hacks To Clean Shower Tiles Effortlessly

Forget About Scrubbing! 5 Hacks To Clean Shower Tiles Effortlessly

Discover five remarkable hacks to effortlessly clean your shower tiles without the tedious task of scrubbing, brought to you by a top-rated cleaning company. We all know how important it is to maintain clean shower tiles for a pristine bathroom and excellent personal hygiene. However, let’s face it – the traditional scrubbing method can drain your energy and enthusiasm. But fret not! You’ve landed in the right spot. We have curated five ingenious hacks that will leave your shower tiles sparkling clean, with minimal effort required. Say goodbye to the scrubbing blues and hello to hassle-free tile cleaning!

Hack #1. Steam clean the tiles

Sometimes, your tiles will not look dirty and only need light or maintenance cleaning. So you can try steam cleaning them before anything else. 

Using steam works wonders for loosening grime, and you can try it in two ways:

  • Use a steam cleaner (following the manufacturer’s instructions) and carefully remove the grime.
  • Run hot water in the shower for ten minutes and wipe the tiles with a cloth afterward.

Hack #2. Use a vinegar and detergent solution

If you’ve been looking for cleaning hacks online, you’ve probably heard about the wonders of vinegar before. This product mainly works for cleaning because of its acidity, which dissolves minerals efficiently—incredibly helpful for your tiles, especially if they have hard water stains.

If you want to try this hack, pour equal parts of dish detergent and vinegar into a spray bottle and apply the mix to the stained tiles. Leave the solution to work for an hour and run the shower to rinse—if the water doesn’t reach a spot on the shower walls, wipe it with a wet cloth. 

Hack #3. Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

This hack is perfect for any grime on your tiles and grout, as baking soda is a popular cleaning agent that dissolves residue. Plus, with the help of hydrogen peroxide, this kitchen staple will break down stains easily.

Do you want to try this hack? Mix half a cup of baking soda and a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl to form a paste. Then, apply the paste to the grimy spots with the help of a spatula and leave it resting for thirty minutes. 

Once the time has passed, remove the paste with clean water and a microfiber cloth. 

Hack #4. Apply oxygen bleach on the tiles

Oxygen bleach contains potent chemicals that help dissolve grime and kill germs without being as toxic as chlorine bleach. However, it can still damage surfaces, so always dilute it in water.

In this case, add three tablespoons of oxygen bleach to two gallons of water and pour or spray it on the tiles. Then, wait fifteen minutes (keep the area ventilated) and rinse with clean water by running the shower.

Hack #5. Borax and hydrogen peroxide

Is nothing else working, and it feels like scrubbing is the only option left? Try borax and hydrogen peroxide. This is the strongest scrub-free option out there that won’t damage your tiles.

Mix half a cup of borax with one and a half cups of water in a squirt bottle or bowl. Spread this solution with the help of a spatula or spoon and leave it waiting for five hours.

After the time’s up, spray hydrogen peroxide over the stained tiles and leave them for two more hours. Then, wipe away the solutions with a cloth and clean water.

Let the pros handle tile scrubbing!

The easiest way to have clean shower tiles without scrubbing is to get someone else to do it for you! CleanArte Maid Services is your best choice for cleaning services in Houston. Our expert cleaners follow a thorough checklist that includes scrubbing your shower tiles! 

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