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Post: Dull Chores? Try These 4 Cleaning Games For Children

Dull Chores? Try These 4 Cleaning Games For Children

Dull Chores Try These 4 Cleaning Games For Children

Transform mundane chores into exciting adventures with four engaging cleaning games for children, recommended by professional maid services. Let’s face it, parenting comes with its challenges, and one of the biggest struggles is getting your children to embrace cleaning tasks. However, we have a secret weapon: games! Kids absolutely love games, and by infusing cleaning activities with fun and excitement, you can instill in them valuable habits and a sense of responsibility from an early age. Get ready to embark on a cleaning journey like never before as we unveil four fantastic cleaning games designed to captivate your children’s imaginations. 

Game #1: The time trials

This activity will not only be exciting for your kids, but you’ll encourage them to improve their times. You can set this game in many ways and with simple tasks. Here are two ideas for time trials:

  1. Beat the clock:

Have your kids make the bed, declutter toys or gather their dirty laundry and challenge them to beat their own times. You can keep their progress in a colorful chart.

  1. Laundry Race:

Have a laundry race for an enjoyable competition between siblings. Test their speed, either folding clothes or gathering and separating laundry before washing. Consider if keeping score will discourage whoever is in second place. 

Game #2 Musical stop & go

This game will ensure laughs and add excitement to dull chores. Pick their favorite songs and set a playlist.

Give everyone a path to clear. It could be an obstacle course of their clutter or a floor waiting to be mopped. The rules are simple: Start the music and unexpectedly pause it, so nobody moves. It’s all about having a good time.

Game #3 Scavenger hunt

If you want your children to have fun and stimulate their adventurous side, have a scavenger hunt. Hide rewards in places they must do their tasks. It can be a snack at the bottom of the laundry basket or coins among the toys. 

But make sure you hide the prize somewhere they’ll look right at the end of the task, or they’ll abandon it right after getting the reward. Draw a map to enhance the treasure hunting experience. You don’t need to keep score because everybody wins.

Game #4 Dress-up hour

If your kid loves superheroes or you have a princess at home, it’s always fun to act. Your children might even want to dress up like miniature versions of mom or dad.

Get costumes and stage a play with a clear objective, whether to get rid of dust or leave the windows shiny. Kid-size cleaning supplies add to their roles.

You can always come up with new games

Children can get bored fast, and when they grow up, some games won’t appeal to them anymore. When coming up with more age-appropriate cleaning activities, here are some things you can adapt into cleaning games: 

  • Ages 3 to 5: pick up toys, make their bed, clean spills, feed the pets, sort laundry.
  • Ages 6 to 9: Sweep, rake leaves, load the dishwasher, vacuum carpets and floors, clean bedrooms.
  • Ages 10 to 12: Take out the trash, do laundry, wash the car.
  • Ages 13 and up: Make dinner, walk the dog, clean the bathroom, deep clean the kitchen.

Note: Make sure everyone is safe whenever you try and make your cleaning games.

If it’s a game of speed, avoid closed spaces or deal with potentially dangerous cleaning supplies.

Enjoy your time off as a family

Keeping the children active and your home clean is nice, but it’s also important to enjoy time off, whether by yourselves or together.

If you want to read more cleaning tips and even get a recurring cleaning service, count on CleanArte Maid Services to free you from the struggle of keeping everything tidy. Relax and share new memories with your loved ones.  

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