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Post: 7 Tips To Clean Baseboards Easier And Less Frequently!

7 Tips To Clean Baseboards Easier And Less Frequently!

7 Tips To Clean Baseboards Easier And Less Frequently!

Discover seven genius tips from skilled and efficient home cleaners to make cleaning baseboards easier and less frequent. Let’s face it, cleaning baseboards is often a neglected chore. Who wants to spend time on their hands and knees, painstakingly scrubbing away? But here’s the thing: dirty baseboards can make an entire room appear unkempt. So, how can you maintain pristine baseboards without the hassle? 

We have the answer! In this guide, we’ll share seven incredible tips and tricks that will revolutionize the way you clean your baseboards. Say goodbye to frequent scrubbing and hello to effortlessly clean and beautiful baseboards. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets!

How to clean baseboards: the best tips and tricks!

Cleaning baseboards is not as bad as it seems! Besides, you just need to do it a couple of times a year! To keep your baseboards in good shape, clean them every six months or during your seasonal cleanings!

Here are the best tips for your baseboards. They will help you do the chore faster, with less effort, and less frequently! 

Tip #1. Dust first (and regularly!)

If you are about to deep-clean your baseboards, don’t forget to remove the loose dust first. Skipping the dusting part may seem like saving time, but that will just make the chore messier. Also, if you want to let more time pass between baseboard cleanings, dust them frequently!

Tip #2. Rely on soapy water

You can clean even the grimiest baseboards with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Warm soapy water is perfect for most types of baseboard, and it’s effective enough to remove dirt. 

For a greener option, you could try a vinegar solution! However, vinegar is acidic and could damage some types of material—like a few wood finishes. Before using vinegar, make sure it’s safe for your baseboards!

Tip #3. Clean hard-to-reach spots with a cotton swab

Even the most minimalist baseboards have crevices and hard-to-reach areas. If you struggle to clean between the notches and crannies, use a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution. Don’t forget to scrub the crevices between the baseboard and the wall or floor!

Tip #4. Buy a duster with an extension pole

No need to get down on your knees or hurt your back! If you are doing routine dusting, an extension pole duster will do the trick. Also, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment could help you remove dust fast and easily! 

However, if you want to dust thoroughly, a damp microfiber is a better tool for the job.

Tip #5. Use a melamine sponge for heavy-duty stains

Cleaning stubborn stains on walls and baseboards with “magic erasers” is a breeze. To remove stuck-on grime and scuff marks, wipe them with a damp melamine sponge. No need for cleaning products! You just need to wet and squeeze the sponge.

Tip #6. Coat the baseboards with a dryer sheet

A clever trick to protect your baseboards from dirt is rubbing them with a dryer sheet. The fabric softener in dryer sheets works by coating the fibers of your clothes, and it can do the same thing with other surfaces. Dirt won’t adhere so easily to your baseboards!

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