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Post: 5 Natural Alternatives To Eliminate Bad Smells In Your Home!

5 Natural Alternatives To Eliminate Bad Smells In Your Home!

Want to elevate your home’s vibe with captivating scents? Sure, store-bought air fresheners have their charm, but let’s be cautious about the chemicals they pack—prolonged exposure could be harmful.

Thankfully, there are some nature-friendly alternatives that can kick out nasty smells and give your place a breath of fresh air. And the best part? You probably already have them in your home. Let’s roll into five natural game-changers to keep your place smelling great!

Option #1. Baking soda

Baking soda isn’t just a kitchen sidekick or an effective grease-fighter; it also works to neutralize bad smells!

Just sprinkle some in a shallow dish and toss it into places that tend to hoard funky odors (think fridges). Depending on the odor’s strength, you can say goodbye to it within one to three days and enjoy the freshness for up to three months.

You can also sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of your trash can to kick excessive foul smells to the curb or mix it with essential oils for a DIY air freshener that doubles as a deodorizer.

Option #2. White vinegar

Like baking soda, vinegar isn’t limited to the kitchen or cleaning chores; it’s a double agent as a potent deodorizer!

Combat funky smells inside appliances by placing a bowl of vinegar in them. Vinegar’s smell disappears after one hour, but if the strong vinegar scent tickles your nose, water it down by mixing equal parts vinegar and water in the bowl.

Vinegar’s smell-busting magic works faster than baking soda (it acts in a few hours), but it stops working within one to three days. So, switch it up when needed.

Option #3. Simmer pot

Also known as stovetop potpourri, a simmer pot is basically a scented soup that fills your space with pleasant aromas.

For this potion, gather a sliced orange, two cinnamon sticks, half a cup of fresh cranberries, and a tablespoon of whole cloves. Toss these goodies into a small pot, filling it with water until it’s just an inch below the rim.

The steam will spread the aroma through your place as long as you let the mix simmer on the stove. Want to aromatize a particular room? Carefully pour your—still hot—scented recipe into a bowl and take it there.

Option #4. Houseplants

Adding indoor plants not only makes your space smell heavenly but also gives your home a more organic look that can make the atmosphere feel fresher.

Plants like mint, lavender, jasmine, and begonia not only add a splash of green but also fill the air with delightful fragrances, making your spot feel fresh and cozy. Go for plants with air-purifying powers, like spider plants, peace lilies, or English ivy.

Option #5. Teabags

Surprisingly, teabags can be your best pals in the fight against odors in confined spaces. Those musty scents in your drawers, closets, and even shoes, usually caused by humidity, can be tamed with these little wonders.

Depending on the size of the space, toss a container with five to ten teabags inside. Not only will they absorb moisture, but they’ll also unleash an herbal scent into the air. Swap them out every week to keep the absorption of moisture at its maximum.

We can help you maintain the freshness of your house!

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